Why should you order from us?

Here are some things to know about our moonlight lamps:

● We made sure that Moon Lamps are manufactured from non-toxic materials.
● The lamp is engraved to display authentic Moon surface
● Lamps are cordless, which makes it super easy to change its location in your home.
● It will be operational for eight to 24 hours (depending on brightness level)
Brightness and color can be adjusted according to your wishes
● Shipping time is 3-7 working days
● If you didn’t like your lamp, we’ll refund you, no questions asked.
● Building trust since 2015.

We print your photos and messages on all Moon Lamp models. See also our Designer collection with pre-designed symbols for different occasions for presents.

If you are looking for a really impressive gift, or a different lamp for your space, that will fascinate your guests, or intrigue business contacts, do not miss to check out our collection of levitating moon lamps.

From July 2021, we will also offer Galaxy Moon Lamps, as well as Galaxy and night star projectors.

Moon Lamps designed for Gifts - Your picture our design!

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