What is the best Moon Lamp in 2022? - Buyer's Guide

Moon Lamp Blog - What is the best moon lamp?

We offer a wide variety of Moon Lamps in our store.

What is the best Moon Lamp for you, depends on your needs, what kind of function Moon Lamp should have in your space.

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Best Moon Lamp

If you’re looking for the best Moon Lamp to buy it as a gift or you would like to have that relaxing moon light in your room, our customers have spoken, and we have to agree.

Best Moon Lamp, and our bestseller original Moon Lamp 7in.

Moon lamp 

Since then, this Moon Lamp has been upgraded and it’s overall quality is much better. The battery lasts longer (10 + hours depending on brightness), 3D print is more precise and has better packaging.

This moon Lamp is perfectly sized. Looks beautiful in any space. You can choose 2 colors by tapping it. If you don’t like it, we’ll refund you, no questions asked. Order yours today and enjoy the moonlight in your home.

Moon lamp as a night light

Many of our customers are ordering Moon Lamp to be used as a night light for a kids room or nursery.

We recommend Personalized Moon Lamp, size 6in, with remote controller and timer.

moon lamp 16 colors with remote control and timer

This is a smaller Moon Lamp, but it shines more than enough and it is a great night light, according to our customers.

There are three reasons why we recommend the 6in Moon Lamp with Photo (16 colors, with remote controller and timer).

1. This one is obvious. This Moon Lamp model has a builtin timer. That allows you to set a timer, for a period that is usually the time your kid needs to fall to sleep. After the timer ends, the Moon Lamp will turn off.

2. Another reason is the remote controller, that give you the ability to turn off the lamp remotely and to choose which color the light will shine, from your bed or you can just open the bedroom door a bit, and turn off the lamp without entering the kids room!

3. This is a relatively small Moon Lamp (6 inches in diameter). For night light you really don’t need a bigger light source. The battery can last for several nights, as long as you don’t set it to max brightness.

If you’re planning to print text on your personalized moon lamp, we recommend buying one of the larger lamps from the personalized collection. Photos still look great on a smaller lamp, but the text might be hard to read on it. 

Moon lamp as a ambient or decorative lighting

Before adding lights, think about what would complement the interior design. Bad lighting and even too much lighting can throw off the whole look of your space.

Decorative lighting is for decoration. This type of lighting design adds a pop of color and personality to the interior. It is an opportunity to be creative and think outside the box. Bad lighting and even too much lighting can throw off the whole look. Try to stay balanced without going too “white” or too “warm.”

Ambient lighting brings a diffused light across a room or the majority of a space of the salon interior.

For this kind of use we must recommend our stunning Levitating Moon Lamp 6”.

The Levitating Moon Lamp has a magnetic base that makes it float 0.4” above its base. This unique tabletop lamp features a 6” 3D printed moon that lights up. Simply tap the wood grain base to turn the moonlight on or off. The moon can be motionless or rotate with a gentle spin.

Order your original moon lamp today and discover how it will illuminate your home with soft moonlight or brighten the face of a loved one who you are giving a unique gift to.

Read more about the production process of the moon lamp and how it is made in our blog here.


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