Why should I buy the Original Moon Lamp®️ USA?

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We have been selling original moon lamps since 2015 in US and from 2018 in Europe. During this time, our webstore visitors have often asked us what the difference is between our lamp and those cheaper replicas they see on Amazon and Facebook.

Most people think that our lamps are of better quality because they are not made in Asia. Now I have to disappoint you, because the original moon lamps were also produced in Shenzhen. Nowadays, most of the products manufactured with 3D print technology are made in China, more precisely in the technological heart of Asia, the newly created and constantly growing economic miracle, the city of Shenzhen.

A large number of factories have appeared in China that produce moon lamps with 3D printing technology.

The difference in the quality of the lamps that are produced is huge. Most use the cheapest plastic when printing, cheap adhesives that smell, poor quality LED bulbs and batteries that wear out after a few hours of use.

When we decided to build a store and open Original Moon Lamps USA, we traveled to the Chinese city of Shenzhen and visited a large number of 3D printing factories, as well as companies specializing in the production of batteries and LED lighting.

Then for months we had to educate ourselves about the production process itself, the types of materials that can be used for 3D printing and ways to assemble products with as few adhesives as possible, and when adhesives must be used that they are of natural origin and non-toxic.

After several months spent in high tech factories, hundreds of conversations with engineers and 3D printing specialists, we managed to manufacture a moon lamp that we could be proud of.

This is how we succeeded in our task to manufacture the highest quality Moon Lamp currently on the market.

Our original moon lamps are made of the finest PLA material, quality LED processors and are made with the best available 3D printing technology.

Our personalized moon lamps are exactly the same as the original moon lamps, with the only difference that an additional print is made on them to engrave your photo or text.

Order your original moon lamp and discover how it will illuminate your home with a gentle moonlight, or brighten a face of a loved one to whom you are making a unique gift.

Check our original moon lamps collection, or personalized moon lamp collection if you want your photo printed on the lamp.

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