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A galaxy is a gravitationally bound system of stars, stellar remnants, interstellar gas, dust, and dark matter. The word is derived from the Greek galaxias (γαλαξίας), literally 'milky', a reference to the Milky Way galaxy that contains the Solar System.

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There’s just something about space that recenters us and puts everything into perspective. If you’re consumed by the rat-race of life, slow things down with a must-have lifestyle accessory that turns ANY room into a NASA playground. Immerse yourself in advanced 3D technology that floods your space in world-class satellite imagery from NASA themselves. And the galaxy lamp itself? You’ll discover a highly rugged surface that feels like it’s fallen straight from the stars, glowing silently as you work, rest, or play.

The Mind-glowing 3D Galaxy Moon Lamps come in 3 different sizes, to fit your needs & to bring a dazzling blend of magic & function to your home. When the light is turned on, you’ll be lost in your imagination and the lights of distant galaxies and mysteries of the universe. Touch & Remote Control:Touch control and remote control can be used to change the color ambiance of the moon lamp. 16 different RGB colors and 4 modes led night light to choose by remote control, it will set the mood whether you want it cozy, romantic, peaceful or feel-good.

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Inspired by our original 3D Moon Lamp, the Mind-glowing Galaxy Lamp lets you marvel at our universe and galaxies - all from the comfort of your own home. Our awe-inspiring galaxy lamp makes the perfect kids night light. Besides being an absolute stunner, our galaxy lights will also channel your kids' inner explorer, spark their creativity, get them excited about space science and foster curiosity. Funny thing is, it will probably do the same for you!

Galaxy Lamp

From bedrooms, nurseries, living rooms or office spaces, you name it, our fascinating galaxy lamp blends functionality with decor. It can play the role of a desk lamp, nightstand lamp, nursery light and decor, while adding a touch of wonder to your home. Effortlessly versatile, the 3D Galaxy Moon Lamp by Mind-glowing will prove useful and look marvelous no matter what room it's in.

Feeling stuck when trying to find a gift idea? How about offering the universe to your loved ones? This original Galaxy lamp will send any gift recipient over the moon.

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