Ideas for personalized moon lamp

Sometimes, the words of love aren’t enough to show how you feel, but meaningful gifts surely do. If you’re looking for a romantic gift that shows how much you love your significant other, show affection to family and friends, or you'd like to make your favorite colleague smile, we’re here to help with this short guide.

Moon lamp gift ideas for personalization

Moon lamp customized with photo and text - An amazing personalized gift!

We wanted to simplify the process of finding and creating a perfect personalized gift for every occasion, so we’ve created a Gift Ideas collection. There you can choose a moon lamp that has predesigned one side of the moon, with different messages and graphics. On the other side of the moon lamp we can print your photo or message. You can also order a moon lamp from the Gift Ideas collection, just with our predefined graphics. 

When your lamp arrives, you’ll be amazed when you turn it on for the first time. The best part is the reactions you’ll witness when your loved one opens the box :)

How can I order?

Process of ordering this amazing and unique gift is very simple.

Choose a lamp from the Gift Ideas collection, with the designed message that you would like printed on the lamp, and place an order. If you would like to print your image or another message to the other side, send it via email at Additional print and shipping are free of charge.

Create a unique and memorable gift in just two steps:
1. Choose a lamp design
2. Send us a picture or a message that you want printed on the other side
and enjoy your loved ones reaction!

How can I order a photo moon lamp?

If you would like to fully personalize your moon lamp, and print your images/text on both sides of the moon, please order a lamp from our personalized moon lamp collection.

Our all time bestseller is To the moon and back.

personalized moon lamp 

This lamp is a perfect gift for all romantic occasions.

In close second is the Home Sweet Home.

Personalized moon lamp with Home Sweet Home motive

Warm and unique gift for families.

Here you can read all the messages that we predesigned to make it easier for you to create a personalized and stunning gift.

Romantic Gifts (for lovers and Valentines day)

We’ve designed five personalizable Moon Lamps with romantic messages: 

  • To the Moon and back lamp - "I love you to the Moon and back"
  • All my Heart lamp - "Love you with all my heart"
  • Flower Heart lamp - Flower designed heart with placeholder for your message
  • Grateful Heart lamp - "Carry a grateful heart"
  • Love Forever lamp - "I will love you forever"

Gifts for family

  • Home Sweet Home lamp - "Home sweet home"
  • Family ever after lamp - "Family ever after"
  • Aunt lamp - "Aunt like a mom but cooler" 
  • Best Mom lamp - "World's best mom"
  • Best Dad lamp - "Best Dad"

Gifts for special occasions

  • Happy Birthday lamp - "Happy B-Day"
  • Happy Father's Day lamp - "Happy Father's Day"
  • Mother's Day lamp - "Life doesn't come with a manual, it coms with a mother"
  • Dog lamp - "All you need is a dog"
  • Merry Christmas lamp - "Merry Christmas"
  • Patriotic lamps - "I love America", "It feels good to be American" 

If you’re still unsure if Moon Lamp is the right gift for you, check out our blog 8 Reasons Why The Moon Lamp is the Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones

If you’re want to let the gift recipient to choose the lamp, you can send them one of our gift cards.  


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