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Love you to the moon and back! Amazing

I got this as a Christmas gift for my nephew and sister. My father passed away in August and he is a big part of our life. When I received them in the mail they were packed very well. Both were inside two boxes and the moon was wrapped in bubble wrap. The picture on both are amazing and looks just like him. I can not wait to buy one for myself and daughter. ❤️ So happy with this! They loved it.

Great lamp!

We are super happy with our moon lamp. We placed it in our daughter's nursery and she absolutely loves being able to choose the color of the moon. We mostly use it as a small night light, which works really well as you can adjust the brightness too.

It’s soooo cuteeee and it came very quickly :))

The branches can be laid out in different directions at will. Beautiful, thank you very much.


Works perfectly as a desk lamp. The stem part is so much easier to bend than I expected it'd be.


I absolutely love this and the idea! I bought it for my 6th year anniversary with my college sweetheart. I haven’t given it to him yet but I am so excited to see his face when he sees it. The picture I posted to be on it looks beautiful. He has a thing for the sky and the moon and this was absolutely perfect. After 6 years together, you have to be creative with expressing love and this helped a bunch! It also came earlier than expected!

it came out wonderful

We are totally amazed... when we first opened them we weren’t pleased with how it looked but then we turned the light on and fell in love. My Husband recently passed away unexpectedly and we have missed him so much. He loved the moon and tried numerous times to get good pictures during the recent blood moon and eclipse that took place. I saw someone on Facebook was given one for their Anniversary and I thought it would be a great memorial gift for myself and my fourteen year old daughter. When she received hers she just thought it was a cool moon night light and then she tapped it and the light came on she saw the picture light up she started crying and said “That’s my Daddy’s picture Mommy”.... all I could say was “Yes Baby It Is” thank you for this beautiful idea and the ease of ordering and you guys just getting it right! The emotion and happiness that I felt she had for receiving it is totally indescribable and I can’t thank you enough! Great Job

Beautiful accessory

Very good quality. I am very satisfied and can only recommend the lamp.

it's worth the money

At my daughter's insistence (can't say no) I ordered the illuminated moon. I received and unpacked the box with skepticism. When I turned on the moon for the first time, the skepticism was gone and the fascination was there. The 3D moon makes the lighting look extremely realistic. The moon is charged via USB and can then be placed anywhere. The moon itself seems like an eternity until the battery is empty. My daughter made the right decision. Cool lamp. Definitely makes you addicted to the moon :-)

A very nice gift!

The lamp is beautiful. I would always recommend the lamp as it really is a one off gift.

Modern design

The moon is very pretty and blends in well with the interior.

Just WOW!!!!

In all honesty, it took forever and a day for the moon to get to me, which I was hoping it would come by Christmas, but it's okay, my girlfriend was understanding. Anxiously waiting, it finally arrived, and initially opening the box, I saw the 3D printed picture and was worried about the quality, BUT WHEN I TURNED IT ON, I LOST MY BREATH! The quality was impeccable, and they even personalized words on it behind our picture per special request. So far so good!

moon lamp 8 inches

short charging time, relatively long lighting time. looks like a real little moon. we use it as a table lamp in the garden, it's a nice ambient light.

Be patient, it does work.

This is the absolute best eye catcher. I love the light, but the fact that it spins non stop is really cool.

really nice lamp

A really pretty lamp that will add a cozy feel to any room

nice gift

I like the moon lamp very much and as a gift it is really well received


The lamp is a beautiful replica of our moon. Awesome!


I loved this product you guys are awesome it was beautiful used it for my 1 year anniversary for my fiancée and it turned out perfect great job thank you guys 5 stars automatically

Awesome gift VERY cool levitating moon lamp!

Looks amazing, very nice addition to any room. Light is bright but not overpowering,really so beautiful. I was a bit sceptical about the quality and price at first, but it's a very well built item.Made of luxury wood base and has a touch button sign,just touch it to turn on/off the moon light. A little tricky to levitate the moon lamp for the first time , after a few tries it gets easier.

Excellent night light and moon

Great night light, very detailed moon and the two colors , white and yellow glow warm and bright but not too bright.

Nice product!

Beautiful lamp with wooden frame, exactly as shown in the online shop.

Children like it

The children like it, she said that she is no longer afraid of sleeping.

Excellent gift!

Great gift for someone needing to spice up their office desk or for a friend or loved on that needs a night light. In my opinion there is nothing more soothing at night than the moon on your nightstand.

5 star gift for anyone

I love it so much I ordered 2 more already

Love this!

I use it As a night light every night on the lowest setting. I recommended it!

Great Conversation Piece

Really cool little piece. Exactly like the pics. Opted for the 8 inch over the 6 inch at the last minute. Glad I did. Not much to look at when the light is off, but once on, wow... really cool.