8 Reasons Why The Moon Lamp is the Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones

Both the Moon's natural presence in the sky and its regular phase cycle from Earth have always provided cultural references and influences to the societies and cultures of human beings. Such cultural influences can be found in language, lunar calendar systems, art and mythology.

People have always been fascinated by this astronomical body. Many tried to conquer it, but few did it, only for a short time. The moon is present in almost all spheres of our lives. Those who could not conquer it try to bring it home in various ways so that they can admire it.

In this article we will try to explain why this lamp is the perfect gift and why you just need the moonlight.

Every crater, every surface and every shadow has to be perfectly reproduced so you can enjoy a stunning replica of the real moon

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Practical perfection in a night lamp

Imagine the scene: you sit there, read a book, work or maybe watch television. As daylight decreases, the lights dim and the darkness slowly increases. You will need some light, right? Let us tell you how to turn a boring evening into a magical experience.

Turn any room into an interesting or romantic space with this Moon table lamp. Due to its shape, it radiates a 360-degree beam whose gloss can be switched between a creamy, warm white and pure, cool white. Perfect for your needs, be it work or relaxation!

The Moon is mounted on an elegant stand and can be easily positioned to help you find your way around any task. Whether in the study, in the office, in the living area or even in the bedroom - this floor lamp offers light whenever and wherever it is needed.

Easy to use, rechargeable and portable

It is important to create a product that is not only elegant, but also easy to use. All you have to do is connect it to a USB power source, and that's it. Whether it's a computer, a laptop, or a USB plug, you should not have to worry about the lamp going flat or needing new batteries. This lamp is rechargeable. The lamp is practically charged with a USB cable and can then work for up to 24 hours. The moon itself is easily removable for cleaning and storage. Your child can hold it in their hands, put it comfortably next to them or place it at the desired place with the included wooden stand.

The light can be controlled manually with a touch button, located at the bottom of the moon. Button lets you change the light color. You can switch between white and yellow illumination (cold and warm).

Kids just love this extraordinary dimmable moonlamp 

The right light in the kids room is important so that the little ones can learn, play and sleep undisturbed. The spectrum should range from light to gentle, as this is the only way to create a pleasant atmosphere. It has to be planned well. In the kids room it requires very different light sources and qualities.

For example, for the basic light, best is if it could be a warm, glare-free light that illuminates the playing surface sufficiently. However, as a place for writing, painting and working, one chooses bright light, which is needed for concentrated work and protects the eyes. The third type of light is now still a dodger or indirect light with dimmer needed, which is turned on for cuddling, resting and falling asleep.

When buying a new lamp, you should pay attention not only to shape and color, but also to the functions - for example, is a table lamp stable? Can it be easily moved by a child? How hot is the halogen light and can children hurt themselves by touching it?

This wonderful moon lamp makes the perfect play and night light for the kids. It was printed using the latest 3D printing technology using materials that have been rigorously tested and are 100% child friendly. This lamp is made of non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly PLA material. There is no better way to make your child fall asleep than to dive into the gently calming light that emits this lamp.

Unique and romantic gift

When it comes to buying gifts for occasions such as birthdays and Christmas, finding something cool and different can often be difficult. Sure, you could go the traditional way and buy flowers and chocolates or perfumes and aftershave, or you could go the easy way with gift cash, but have you thought about buying something really special?

This lamp has a few favorite things: wooden stand, soft diffused light and a minimalist design. A large moon radiates warm, dimmable light, while the sphere reflects the glow in its surface.

Do you have a special photo? Or maybe some meaningful words or message that you want to memorize? Yes? Fantastic! Well, these can be printed directly into the lamp itself.

The Moon Lamp is a unique and romantic gift that will be appreciated by anyone who receives it. Available in a variety of sizes with two dimmable light colors.

If you're not sure how to create a unique personalized gift with the moon lamp, read our blog: Ideas for personalized moon lamp.

Personalized lamp with photo and engraving - a great gift for your kids, families, partners and friends

When buying this unique night lamp you can choose: Shall the moon stand on the simple, modern wooden stand or should it float? Would you like to customize it with pictures or with some meaningful, loving words?

There are no wrong answers, because every moon is as beautiful as the other. Show your child how much you love them and buy him this amazing moon lamp.

moon lamp


Modern lamp, an original idea for the house decoration

Although the bedside lamp can be used effectively for its intended purpose, it can also be considered a stylish and modern piece of art. With 3 sizes (6in, 7in and 8in) to choose from for each lamp, a beautiful modern wooden stand, these lamps are a great home decorating idea.

Relaxing with the moonlight

In this modern, fast world many people just forget to take some time for themselves. Relaxation is something that is of great importance to your mind, body and soul, and creating a relaxing environment is the key.

One of the most important aspects in creating a relaxed environment is the light. The light makes a room look hard or cozy. The light can change a mood from nervous and rushed to quiet and peaceful. Here comes the wonderful 3D printing moon lamp to meaning and fulfills its purpose.

Speaking of light, you have to consider some options: you can choose the light shade of the lamp. You can choose either a warm and creamy white with very subtle orange and red tones or the classic pure white light. There are no bad options!

This unique bedside lamp not only produces a soft glow, but also a sense of peace and beauty that only the light of the moon can provide. There is a reason why people go for walks on warmer summer nights or compose sonnets or write wistful words in the night sky. Many people find the moonlight not only relaxing, but also therapeutic.

You should ask yourself from time to time: How often do you take the time you have earned for yourself? Time to relax and enjoy away from the modern world? Do you take some time for your hobbies or maybe for your friends and family?

Life is too short to be ruined by stress and worries. At every available opportunity, and for the sake of your body and mind, you should lock the doors, draw the curtains, lock the outside world and just relax. Even just 5 minutes alone in a peaceful and tranquil environment can restore a Zen-like sense of stillness that can have far-reaching benefits.

No matter what happened during the day, the moon will always be there to relax you and give you a sense of peace and quiet. You can have that same feeling of peace and quiet in your life by buying a moon lamp.

Buy the moon lamp or try to make one yourself?

People are trying to bring the moon home in various ways so that they can admire it. For example, they try to make their own moon-shaped lamp, which succeeds in most cases. Take a look at this really interesting video:

You can also try to make your own lamp and bring the moon home, or rather leave the manufacture of the lamp to the experts.

Why? First and foremost, because you do not want to endanger the health and safety of your children, family or friends

And second, this lamp is the result of more than 28 hours of 3D printing with the latest technology. Every crater, every surface and every shadow of the real moon was perfectly reproduced.

And because each lamp is checked by several quality tests to make sure they meet our standards.

If you're interested in the ways you can decorate your space with Moon Lamps check out our blog 10 Creative Ways to Decorate with Moon Lamps

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