Original Moon Lamps USA - News and Updates for 2021.

Moon Lamp Blog - News and Updates 2021

Great news for all of our customers!

The update for 2021 is that we added several new fantastic lamps to our store, that we actually made it harder for you to choose the perfect lamp for you.

In order to simplify your purchasing let us highlight our newcomers and tell you a little bit about our new bestsellers and popular products in 2021.

NEW Galaxy Lamp and Projectors Collection

We added a whole new galaxy themed category to our store, with two types of products:
1. Galaxy Moon Lamps - these are similar to Original Moon Lamps, same sizes, same materials are used, they have the same light bulb, and the only difference is that the lamp doesn’t have moon surface 3D printed on it. These lamps have several layers of different colors printed on to them, with the similar 3D printed process as the Original Moon Lamps, the only difference is the printing time which is 20% longer for Galaxy Moon Lamps.

These lamps fastly became one of our best sellers only a few months after we added them to our catalog. Especially the 6in Galaxy Moon Lamp, it’s a perfect size for most rooms and spaces and we can guarantee fast shipping. This makes it a perfect present when you're on a tight schedule.

You can order this stunning galaxy lamp here:

Galaxy moon lamp 6in

2. Galaxy projectors are the other type of galaxy inspired products that you will find if you visit our new collection. For years you have been asking for a premium projector that could be used to transform your bedroom, or your kids room into deep space.

After months of market research we partnered with AliEn projectors company to bring you this gem of a home laser projector. Your first impressions were great, we had a lot of very happy buyers so hopefully we’ll be selling this amazing projector for a long time.

You can check it out here:

Galaxy projector

Personalised Moon Lamps - new sizes

Moon Lamp with Photo is still your favorite category. We have been creating memorable personalised presents with you for over 6 years now. So many romantic and family moments are captured on the Moon Lamp surfaces. From childbirth to remembering your loved pet, these personalised Moon Lamps are the perfect canvas for love, memories and wishes.

In 2021 we added a 5in personalised moon lamp to our moon lamp with photo collection. This is the smallest lamp in the category, it can fit in your hand and it looks great in smaller spaces. We recommend this dimension if you’re planning to print only your photo to the lamp's surface. This lamp is too small for text to be clearly visible.

Moon lamp with photo 5in

For text, and for perfect looking images, we still recommend checking out standard 8in sized personalised moon lamp.

Moon lamp with photo 8in

New products and promotions are coming to originalmoonlamp.com this winter so be sure to stop by and check out what's new!

We’re always happy to hear your thoughts and ideas on how we can improve our service, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at info@originalmoonlamp.com.

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