Magnetic Moon Lamp

This unique lamp is not only romantic, but also very calming. It floats, lights up and rotates with levitation technology. By touch you can set the desired light intensity. The very easy to set up table lamp transforms every room in a charming and romantic moonscape. If you are not sure whether you want a floating moon lamp, then perhaps take a look at our collection of original moon lamps.

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Levitating Moon Lamp

Similar to our original Moon Lamp, this enchanting levitating moon lamp is made using our 3D printer, which takes 32 hours to manufacture. The moon can float with the help of the latest levitation technology. The power of magnets is used to push the ball up and hold it a few inches above the magnet base, adding even more quality to the already unique product. Thanks to this technology, the moon lamp levitates in the air at any time and can turn continuously or stay in a fixed position - it's up to you. The magnetic charging station is provided with a classic stain of cherry oak.

Wireless charging

The Levitating Moon Lamp uses wireless charging technology so it can be charged while levitating! The base charges the lamp as it floats and glows. When fully charged, the lamp can be used for up to 30 hours. Using the touch control base below, you can turn the LED light on and off.

As we look up to the sky and admire the moon while quietly hanging in space with unseen forces, you will look with admiration at your levitating moon lamp as if it were held by an equally mystical force. This incredibly realistic moon levitates in the air and radiates a beautiful, soft glow!

An amazing gift!

While the floating moon lamp would undoubtedly make every home she lives into something special, she would also be a fantastic present for a lover. The possibilities are endless and satisfaction is guaranteed. Surprise your family and friends with a unique gift that is really out of this world. :) We've found this to be a great gift for all ages who have a passion for outer space and its secrets.

Floating Moon Lamp UK

From the moment you set your eyes on our stunning floating moon lamp, we're sure you'll fall in love with it as much as we have! Lovingly made, carefully inspected and packaged and delivered quickly, this moon lamp will make a beautiful addition to your home. We ship worldwide free of charge.

Smart Moon Lamp

This gravity-defying smart moon lamp seems to magically ‘float’ above a wood base and slowly rotates like the real orbiting moon. 

Frequently asked questions about floating moon lamps

What size does the levitating moon lamp have?

This special lamp is 3D printed and has different sizes, 4 and 6 inches.

How is the moon lamp produced?

Our moon lamps are made with 3D printing technology to achieve the most accurate crater experiences.

How long does the light last?

The light is on as long as the lamp is plugged in. The power supply lets the light run during the floating.

Does the lamp come in different colors?

This particular lamp comes in 1 color. A warm white light with a realistic shimmer.

Does it come with a stand?

Yes! Each moon has a magnetic wooden stand.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping worldwide on all orders.

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